KoChu - Sound Forms

1. On The Water
2. Kysya
3. After The Rain
4. Fountain
5. Art Of Painting
6. Boomstick
7. It's Only Dreams
8. Mood
9. Baloons To The Sky
10. I Will Believe
11. On The Water (Wave Maker Remix)

KoChu’s real name is Konstantin Chuprov. He makes music for more than ten years, started with Sony Playstation in 1999. Most important characteristic of his musics is melody. His tunes never get tedious, unusual and fresh-sounding harmonies are moving from the beginning to the end of each track. Sounds themselves are carefully chosen and assembled. KoChu works on his tracks until they reach sonic perfection. Konstantin doesn’t like to put his music in any genre borders. “Sound Forms” LP presents idm/downtempo side of his creativity with more uptempo releases to follow.

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