Justified Music is online record label founded by Dmitry Kokhanov in the late 2009 as a means to release his own tunes. Now it has already gathered several talented producers under its roof. Labels HQ location is Orel, Russia, but Justified Music features artists from different places.



Dimi Koan:

Dimi Koan is the founder of Justified Music. Has few different monikers, and most known of them are Bad Wisdom and Pleasure Centre. Former nickname is placed on his drum and bass production, some of it was released on Cologne-based label Basswerk in April, 2009 and Dissident's record label Opposide in 2011. Pleasure Centre is for non-dnb tracks in various genres: electrofunk, minimal house, lounge, etc. Dmitry's latest singles, that are more techno are released as by Dimi Koan.

Dirigible 5 photo

Dirigible 5:

Dirigible 5 is a project run by Kirill Mikheev. He aims to implement his original vision of the world into relaxing music. Music styles of Dirigible 5 project are deep house, easy listening, ambient and downtempo. Kirill has contributed to our label with his remix on "Celine 23" by Wave Maker.

El Resonator photo

El Resonator:

El Resonator is a moniker of Eldar Kontselidze, also known as dj Darrel. A deejay since 2005, founding member of Tech Cycle promo group, his musical interests spread through many genres. For some time Eldar was an MC and a front man of SLK drum and bass collective. He also was a lead singer of "My native space" rock group. At this time dj Darrel is busy with his own darkside drum and bass record label named Tech Cycle as well.

Kochu photo


KoChu (real name Konstantin Chuprov) is everything IDM. Has his very consciousness filled with melodies and broken idm rhythms. Thanks to modern technologies, it is now possible to bring those unusual sounds to life. He produces music for more than 10 years, carefully polishing every single byte of his audio. Hates to self-repeat, always filled with new ideas, KoChu has his first LP released on Justified Music in February, 2010.

Phrea Spirit photo

Phrea Spirit:

Phrea Spirit (real name Roman Averkin) has a wide range of artistic outcome: from techno to drum'n'bass, space synth to chiptune. Among his works is also a soundtrack to a documentary film. Sonic perfection is a trademark of Roman's music. Now Roman has already contributed several tech house singles to our label.

Remcord photo


Remcord is a young and talented producer from France, who already has several releases on different record labels including Minimalminuts and Picche. His main influences are techno and tech house. Remcord plays on different stages in France (Gargagnolle, Pink, l 'Ambassade or else Classico) and outside his country in Montenegro. His "Raterico" EP is released on Justified Music in September 2010.

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